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Swiss Cheese Monstera 6" Potted Plant

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Swiss Cheese Monstera Plant

Elevate your indoor space with the distinctive charm of the Swiss Cheese Monstera, a plant that combines elegance with natural beauty. This unique specimen will not only illuminate your home but also enrich your living environment in numerous ways.

The Swiss Cheese Monstera excels in lower light conditions, making it an ideal choice for areas in your home that don't receive direct sunlight. Its captivating perforated leaves add a touch of nature to any corner. Embrace your creativity in interior design as this plant's vining nature allows it to climb along walls or structures using wire or twine. Bring a natural green decor element into your living spaces. Tailor your gardening experience by choosing between rooted or unrooted cuttings. Rooted cuttings come with at least one leaf node, ensuring easy planting and robust growth.

Cold Climate Considerations:
For those residing in colder climates with freezing temperatures, we recommend adding a "UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack" to your order. This ensures the safe journey of your plant, even in chilly weather. Visit our shop to include this option with your order at Checkout. If a heat pack is not included for colder climates, we cannot guarantee that the plant will arrive alive in below-freezing Winter weather.

Plant Details:

Size: 6-inch Potted Plant   *With or Without Heat Pack
Sunlight: Shade
Winter Hardiness: Tolerant to temperatures down to 55°F
Planting Zones: Suitable for Zones 11 and above

Watering Tips:
Use well-draining soil and allow the soil to dry between waterings. Adjust watering frequency, increasing in summer and decreasing in winter months.


🌿 Propagation Tips for Plant Cuttings -

Dirt Propagation: Place the cuttings on top of dirt or stick the stems directly into the soil. Any roots that form can be gently planted into the dirt.

Water Propagation: Place the cutting root end down into a clear glass of filtered water, removing petals near the root end. Change out the water every 3-5 days with fresh water to avoid root decay. Plant once roots are well established.

🌱 New cuttings will need bright light but not direct sunlight. We recommend dipping the end of the stem into rooting hormone, as this helps many cuttings root more quickly.