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String of Pearls Cuttings

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String of Pearls ‘Curio rowleyanus’ is a beautiful trailing succulent that has small bubble petals or “pearls” growing along each vine. The plant has green cascading petals. The blooms with white flowers have a fragrance similar to cinnamon. Sold as a 6-inch String of Pearls potted plant. Sold as 5" Plant Cuttings/Clippings (Unrooted) in packs of 1, 3, or 5.

SUNLIGHT: 6+ hours of sun
Winter hardiness of 25 °F
Zones 9+

Cold Climate Considerations:
For those residing in colder climates with freezing temperatures, we recommend adding a "UniHeat 72-Hour Heat Pack" to your order. This ensures the safe journey of your plant, even in chilly weather. Visit our shop to include this option with your order at Checkout. If a heat pack is not included for colder climates, we cannot guarantee that the plant will arrive alive in below-freezing Winter weather.

WATER: Use well-draining soil and allow it to dry between waterings. We recommend watering more frequently during the summer months, and less during the winter months.