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Fuzzy Plant Cuttings Club

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Introducing the OMG Asheville Fuzzy Cuttings Club! Monthly plant subscription box options are available. Regular to rare plant cuttings, we will be sending a different succulent cutting each month for our subscription club members. Great for the plant enthusiast looking to grow their plant collection. Each cutting will be unrooted (requiring home propagation). Each year we will announce a new cuttings club membership, with a unique assortment of plants. Makes a great gift for loved ones or plant enthusiasts. Average estimated Shipping costs will be added to all packages for Monthly Subscription Memberships. Memberships for more than 1 month are pre-paid memberships and will reoccur each month that's purchased. The first month's cutting will be shipped immediately upon purchase.

Membership Options: 3 or 6 Months (Monthly Membership)
*Subscription begins the month of sign-up. Plants are usually shipped around the first of each new month.

6 Month Bundle:
1 - Panda Plant
2 - Millot Kalanchoe
3 - Bear’s Paw
4 - Black Bells
5 - Cervesa n’ lime
6 - White Velvet

3 Month Bundle #1:
Panda Plant, Millot Kalanchoe, and Bear’s Paw

3 Month Bundle #2:
Black Bells, Cervesa n’ lime, and White Velvet

*** If you live in a colder climate with freezing temperatures, we suggest that heat pack(s) are added to the order to ensure the plant will survive during shipping. Please visit our shop to add a "UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack" to your order.

Plant Care Tips:

1 - Panda Plant:
Kalanchoe tomentosa, also known as the Panda plant, is a succulent with soft, fuzzy leaves. This indoor plant will exhibit a trailing form at a mature age.
SUNLIGHT: 6+ hours of sunlight a day
Winter hardiness of 20 °F
Zones 10+

2 - Millot Kalanchoe:
Millot Kalanchoe ‘Kalanchoe millotii’ are fuzzy to the touch succulents. These plants add a wonderful accent to any well-lit room. Sold as 4 inch potted live succulent plants, fully rooted.
SUNLIGHT: 6+ hours of bright light a day
Winter hardiness of 35 °F
Zones 10+

3 - Bear’s Paw:
Bear's Paw, Cotyledon tomentosa, is a fuzzy succulent plant that is native to South Africa. The leaves are shaped like bear’s paws and are soft to the touch. Sold as 6 inch potted live plants that are fully rooted.
SUNLIGHT: Full Sun or Partial Shade
Winter hardiness of 32 °F
Zones 9+

4 - Black Bells:
This plant is also known as a starfish plant. These succulents grow beautiful flowers with intricate markings across the petals. They are fuzzy to the touch. It is known by its unique large, bell-shaped, deep reddish to dark purple flowers. Members of the genus Stapelia are usually characterized by their foul-smelling flowers reminiscent of the odor of rotting meat. The hairs, coloration, and surface of the black bells flowers mimic decaying animal matter to attract pollinators. We recommend cutting the flowers off to avoid the odor or keeping plant in a well-ventilated area.
SUNLIGHT: Full sun to partial sunlight
Winter hardiness of 25 °F
Zones 9+

5 - Cervesa n’ lime:
Cerveza 'n lime Plant 'Plectranthus coleoides' is native to Africa, Madagascar, and India and nicknamed "Mexican Mint". The plant has a refreshing lime-like fragrance. Plectranthus is an annual plant that is a fast-growing perennial in hot climates. This relative of the mint plant will not take over your garden, but rather is a fragrant lime and fresh scented accent to home or garden. To our knowledge, this plant is not edible.
SUNLIGHT: Partial Sunlight / Full Sunlight
Winter hardiness of 25 °F
Zones 9+

6 - White Velvet:
Native to Mexico, this fuzzy soft plant called 'Tradescantia Sillamontana' is a rare plant. The plant grows beautiful purple flowers. Not winter hardy, it's usually grown in a pot as a houseplant. Grows up to 12 inches tall.
SUNLIGHT: Sun or Partial Shade
Winter hardiness of 60°
Zones 10-12


🌿 Propagation Tips for Succulent Cuttings -

Dirt Propagation: Place the cuttings on top of dirt or stick the stems directly into the soil. Petals can also be propagated and laid directly on the soil. Any roots that form can be gently planted into the dirt.

Water Propagation: Place the cutting root end down into a clear glass of filtered water, removing petals near the root end. Change out the water every 3-5 days with fresh water to avoid root decay. Plant once roots are well established.

🌱 New cuttings will need bright light but not direct sunlight. We recommend dipping the end of the stem into rooting hormone, as this helps many cuttings root more quickly.