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Bundle of String of Bananas and String of Fishhooks Succulent Cuttings

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String of's - Succulent Variety Pack makes a great gift for any plant collector. The pack includes 5-inch unrooted plant cuttings/clippings sold as bundles of 2.

*** If you live in a colder climate with freezing temperatures, we suggest that a heat pack is added to the order to ensure the plant will survive during shipping. Please visit our shop to add a "UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack" to your order. See Winter Hardiness details below:

🌿 Pack of 2 includes:

1 String of Fishhooks Cutting (5”-7” long)
1 String of Bananas Cutting (5”-7” long)

WATER: Use well-draining soil and allow it to dry between waterings. We recommend watering more frequently during the summer months, and less during the winter months.


String of Fishhooks Cutting
(Senecio radicans)

SIZE: 5” long cutting or Packs of 3, 5, or 10 Cuttings (5 inches each)

DESCRIPTION: Originating in South Africa, String of Fishhooks is a fast-growing plant, similar to String of Bananas in shape. It is known for its long, “fish-hook-like” petals. This plant makes an excellent hanging plant on any shelf or living area.

SUNLIGHT: Full sun to partial sunlight
Winter hardiness of 30 °F
Zones 10a

String of Bananas Cutting
(Curio radicans)

DESCRIPTION: A beautiful trailing succulent with banana-shaped leaves. Easy to propagate and makes a great hanging plant for any indoor space.

SUNLIGHT: Bright light 6+ hours a day
Winter hardiness of 32 °F
Zones 9+

🌿 Propagation Tips for Plant Cuttings -

Dirt Propagation: Place the cuttings on top of dirt or stick the stems directly into the soil. Petals can also be propagated and laid directly on the soil. Any roots that form can be gently planted into the dirt.

Water Propagation: Place the cutting root end down into a clear glass of filtered water, removing petals near the root end. Change out the water every 3-5 days with fresh water to avoid root decay. Plant once roots are well established.

🌱 New cuttings will need bright light but not direct sunlight. We recommend dipping the end of the stem into rooting hormone, as this helps many cuttings root more quickly.