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Baby Bear's Paw 2" Rare Succulent Plant

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Bear's Paw, Cotyledon tomentosa, is a fuzzy succulent plant that is native to South Africa. The leaves are shaped like bear’s paws and are soft to the touch. Sold as a 2" baby bear's paw plant.

SIZE: 2” baby potted plant

*** If you live in a colder climate with freezing temperatures, we suggest that a heat pack is added to the order to ensure the plant will survive during shipping. Please visit our shop to add a "UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack" to your order. See Winter Hardiness details below:

SUNLIGHT: Full Sun or Partial Shade
Winter hardiness of 32 °F
Zones 9+

WATER: Use well-draining soil and allow to dry between waterings. We recommend watering more frequently during the summer months and less during the winter months.


🌿 Propagation Tips for Plant Cuttings -

Dirt Propagation: Place the cuttings on top of dirt or stick the stems directly into the soil. Any roots that form can be gently planted into the dirt.

Water Propagation: Place the cutting root end down into a clear glass of filtered water, removing petals near the root end. Change out the water every 3-5 days with fresh water to avoid root decay. Plant once roots are well established.

🌱 New cuttings will need bright light but not direct sunlight. We recommend dipping the end of the stem into rooting hormone, as this helps many cuttings root more quickly.