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Aloe Vera 4" Potted Plant

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Aloe Vera Plant

Introduce the wellness wonder of the Aloe Vera plant into your indoor sanctuary. Known for its soothing properties and distinctive appearance, the Aloe Vera brings not only natural elegance but also practical benefits to your living space. The Aloe Vera thrives in bright, indirect sunlight, making it a perfect choice for areas in your home that receive ample natural light. Its fleshy, green leaves are both visually striking and functional.


SIZE: 4” potted Aloe plant  

Watering Needs: Aloe Vera plants prefer well-draining soil. Allow the soil to dry between waterings, adjusting the frequency based on the season. Water more often during the growing season and reduce watering in winter.

Cold Climate Considerations:
For customers in colder climates where freezing temperatures are common, we highly recommend adding a "UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack" to your order at checkout. This ensures the safe transit of your plant, especially during colder weather. Please visit our shop to include this option with your order.

Plant Details:
Size: 4-inch potted Aloe Vera plant
Sunlight: Bright, indirect sunlight
Winter Hardiness: Tolerant to temperatures down to 55°F
Planting Zones: Suitable for Zones 11 and above
Propagation Tips for Plant Cuttings:


🌿 Propagation Tips for Plant Cuttings -

Dirt Propagation: Place the cuttings on top of dirt or stick the stems directly into the soil. Any roots that form can be gently planted into the dirt.

Water Propagation: Place the cutting root end down into a clear glass of filtered water, removing petals near the root end. Change out the water every 3-5 days with fresh water to avoid root decay. Plant once roots are well established.

🌱 New cuttings will need bright light but not direct sunlight. We recommend dipping the end of the stem into rooting hormone, as this helps many cuttings root more quickly.